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Icon Spam

These are icons I've been sitting on for a week now.  They are slowly improving.  But does anyone know how to make it so on a jpg so the font doesn't smear?  X-posted everywhere


  1.  the base for the teaser

Er, should warn- I was

1- In a big Green Day/Music Mood (I've become a big Green Day fan :))
2- Experimenting with the blurring, so that's why so many are like that

The next five are for the song "Coming Clean" by Green Day

  1.   (17 and strung out on confusion)
  2.   (trapped inside a world of disillusion)
  4.  (...Never understand: What's happening to me)
  5.  (17 and coming clean for the first time)


  1.   From a song called "Traces."  All I know is I had to learn a really long, solo on piano for it in jazz band
  2.  From "Bring me to life." I know, it got messed, so sue me.  I'm trying
  3.   That's a base I think it's the hms_surprise 's icon, but I don't remember.  I know the lyric's a green day song too, but I forget which one.  I think it might be "Rest" or "Don't leave me"
  4.  Which ever one the one above is, it's the other song

From a song called "I found a way"

  1.   (I'll alwyas be picking you up when you're down)
  2.   (Now I found that anything's possible)


And all the bases

  1.  Liz (proudmaxfan1418 ) pointed the boys out to me in that pic, so kudos to her for showing me :)
  2.  (Must say- I adore the look on his face "Roight.... Sure... if you say so..." ::giggles:: )

There you go, 23 lovely icons

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